There’s no question that certain pieces of heavy equipment are better for some jobs than others. When it comes to mining, the type of mine makes a huge difference, and if you are going to look at the type of cranes that are effectively used for mining then it’s important to make sure you look at some of the specialty pieces of equipment out there to get the most realistic look about what can actually get the job done.

Working On the Site

One of the best ways to know about what mining cranes are currently in favor is to look at some of the major mining projects going on around the world and what cranes they are actually using. For example, the Atacama Desert in Chile is home to some major mining projects and when you see what type of cranes they are using to get the job done in some of the hardest conditions in the world then you get an idea of what is in vogue.

At those particular sites there are five different 40 and 50 tonne versions of the Liebherr 1250 HC. These tower cranes have some of the best lift weights of any cranes that can be found at any mining site anywhere in South America.


Other Tower Cranes For Copper Mining

While there’s no denying the power that the Liebherr versions of these cranes have, there are other models that have proven themselves in some of the most adverse conditions out there. A the Minera Escondida the 1250 HC tower cranes from Litronic are making a name for themselves, enough so that there is more than one operating at the site. These cranes help during the initial phase and they can handle massive loads of weight to help quickly clear out an area that can then be properly set up for long term extraction. Keep this in mind when hire cranes Sydney as the specifications of the the project will always fine what type of crane you hire.

Specialty To General Maintenance

While it takes very specific types of mining cranes in order to handle the early job of clearing an area and moving tons upon tons of dirt and stone to excavate what will become the base of the mine, a variety of mining cranes can then be used for maintenance, including all of the cranes that have already been mentioned.

A major reason for this is these tower cranes have the ability to carry effective loads that are in the tons, move in heavy equipment for construction, and take care of a variety of issues that would otherwise be extremely difficult to handle.

Look For High Quality Engineering

When you are talking about tools that handle this level of work and harsh environments, it is important to make sure the quality of construction is undeniable. This is why certain company names tend to come up repeatedly, including many German names like Liebherr. That level of engineering allows them to hold up to harsh climates and conditions – an absolute must considering that most new deposits are going to be found in less than developed and less than hospitable conditions. Quality engineering for mining cranes matters!

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